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At The Makehouse: Swimwear Basics

Swimwear Basics is a 3-part workshop at The Makehouse where I learned how to make my own swimsuit. This workshop was an ultra-fun adventure in learning to make swimwear. Jenny Ambrose (founder of The Makehouse) taught this workshop and shared oodles of knowledge, tips and suggestions about how to make your swimsuit best fit you. 

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TRY: Plastic Free July

I first heard about Plastic Free July on The Slow Home Podcast with Brooke McAlary earlier in the year, and the idea of going plastic free for a month was really inspiring to me. The Plastic Free July Foundation was founded in Perth, Australia in 2011 as an office initiative to use less plastic, and has now inspired action around the world. Plastic Free July is not about going totally plastic free, it is about being conscious of your plastic use habits and challenging yourself to change those habits.

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