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At The Makehouse: Bamboo Boxers

A little while ago I took the Bamboo Boxers workshop at The Makehouse. It is a three-hour long workshop where you create a pair of soft cotton and bamboo fabric underwear for yourself or your boxer-wearing friend. My favourite part of this workshop was getting to choose the mix and match fabrics for the boxers. All the pattern pieces were pre-cut, so students could spend some quality time choosing their colourway.

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MAKE: Thanksgiving Themed Bunting

I love the fall season. The air is crisp, leaves are changing colour, and the use of excess amounts of cinnamon becomes acceptable again. And then there is Thanksgiving. The tryptophan coma-inducing holiday where stretchy pants are the only pants required at the dinner table. I love decorating for fall and Thanksgiving. This year I decided that I would make a Thanksgiving themed bunting to hang in my house for the season.

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At The Makehouse: Swimwear Basics

Swimwear Basics is a 3-part workshop at The Makehouse where I learned how to make my own swimsuit. This workshop was an ultra-fun adventure in learning to make swimwear. Jenny Ambrose (founder of The Makehouse) taught this workshop and shared oodles of knowledge, tips and suggestions about how to make your swimsuit best fit you. 

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MAKE: Pink Gingham Top

This top is made from pink gingham sweatshirt material that I found in my Granny's scrapbox. It is the softest and coziest material. I'm a big fan of wearing clothing that looks good but makes me feel like I'm wearing pyjamas. This top is exactly that. 

For this top I was inspired by a few different styles of sweatshirts with tied bell sleeves that I have seen around on social media.

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