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At The Makehouse: Rifflandia 2018 Recap

Every September the city of Victoria gears up for a 4-day festival of rock and roll, indie, and electronic music in the middle of downtown. Rifflandia brings people together to have fun, eat and drink local foods, shop from local businesses and artisans, listen to music, and show off their creativity.

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At The Makehouse: Join in the Make-A-Thon for Fashion Revolution Week

Before I started business school, I didn’t know much about fashion and sustainability. Throughout my degree I developed an interest in the fashion industry and the business behind it. I also developed a passion for sustainability and sustainable practices I began to realize that many production practices in the fashion industry are rather harmful to people and the planet.

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MAKE: Pink Gingham Top

This top is made from pink gingham sweatshirt material that I found in my Granny's scrapbox. It is the softest and coziest material. I'm a big fan of wearing clothing that looks good but makes me feel like I'm wearing pyjamas. This top is exactly that. 

For this top I was inspired by a few different styles of sweatshirts with tied bell sleeves that I have seen around on social media.

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