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TRY: Disconnecting to Reconnect

Have you had the most insanely busy summer like I have? I cannot believe that it is already August. This summer has been incredibly hectic, and I am feeling the effects of busyness on my mental and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, I have decided that the month of August is the Month of Disconnecting to Reconnect. 

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TRY: Plastic Free July

I first heard about Plastic Free July on The Slow Home Podcast with Brooke McAlary earlier in the year, and the idea of going plastic free for a month was really inspiring to me. The Plastic Free July Foundation was founded in Perth, Australia in 2011 as an office initiative to use less plastic, and has now inspired action around the world. Plastic Free July is not about going totally plastic free, it is about being conscious of your plastic use habits and challenging yourself to change those habits.

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TRY: The Month of Spending Less

Welcome to my first experiment: The Month of Spending Less. 

For the month of March I will be embarking on a no spending experiment inspired by the book The Year of Less by Cait Flanders. 

In the book The Year of Less, Cait takes on a challenge to do a shopping ban for one year. During this year she takes inventory of her belongings, realizes what possessions mean to her, and discovers more about our psychological triggers and how consumption has a hold of us.

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