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At The Makehouse: Make Your Own Bamboo Underwear!

A while ago I made some cotton and bamboo fabric boxers for my boyfriend, and now I have a pair of undies for myself! The Makehouse offers a few different types of underwear workshops, and most recently I attended the Bamboo Underwear workshop. It was a wonderful evening of sewing taught by Jenny where in the three-hour workshop you create and take home your own pair of cotton bamboo fabric undies!

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MAKE: Copy-Cut Handmade Top

About 3 years ago I decided that I wanted to try to make my own clothing. Rather than just drawing fun sketches, I was actually going to sew something I had sketched out. And I wanted it to be uniquely my own.

I didn’t really know anything about what I was doing, but I am a “wing-it” and see what happens kind of gal, so I picked out my fabric from pieces I had been saving and traced out a pattern on newspaper.

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At The Makehouse: Bamboo Boxers

A little while ago I took the Bamboo Boxers workshop at The Makehouse. It is a three-hour long workshop where you create a pair of soft cotton and bamboo fabric underwear for yourself or your boxer-wearing friend. My favourite part of this workshop was getting to choose the mix and match fabrics for the boxers. All the pattern pieces were pre-cut, so students could spend some quality time choosing their colourway.

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At The Makehouse: Swimwear Basics

Swimwear Basics is a 3-part workshop at The Makehouse where I learned how to make my own swimsuit. This workshop was an ultra-fun adventure in learning to make swimwear. Jenny Ambrose (founder of The Makehouse) taught this workshop and shared oodles of knowledge, tips and suggestions about how to make your swimsuit best fit you. 

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