TRY: Disconnecting to Reconnect


Have you had the most insanely busy summer like I have? I cannot believe that it is already August. This summer has been incredibly hectic, and I am feeling the effects of busyness on my mental and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, I have decided that the month of August is the Month of Disconnecting to Reconnect. 

Technology and our phones are constantly vying for our attention. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, or another ping of an email. It's too much! Frankly, I don't have the energy to give anything more attention to it than it really deserves right now. Through July I found that I was scrolling way more than I wanted to, which left me feeling depleted of energy and depressed (gotta love that comparison game). The scrolling was happening when I woke up, while I commuted to work on the bus, at work when I needed a little brain break from all the data entry (scrolling and more screen time is definitely not a brain break), before bed, and any spare moment that I had where I could swipe up, open an app, and dive into another world. 

Social media, emails, and Netflix are great for procrastination and distraction. However, if you have a lot of shit to do (like I do these summer months), they just leave you feeling more anxious and stressed out. For myself, it is time to take a real break from the likes and the comments. My plan for the month of August is not to stay away from all technology related things, but it is to pare down on the amount of social media and scrolling I partake in. I know that by limiting my technology usage through the month of August, I will be able to reconnect with the real world in front of me. By being present in my daily life, rather than constantly distracted, I will feel less anxious and less stressed. 

August's Plan to Disconnect to Reconnect

  • delete Instagram from my phone
  • delete the Facebook app from my phone (I will still have Messenger on my phone as that is how I contact quite a few people)
  • take a break from writing this blog for the month of August (see you in September!)
  • turn off email notifications and only checking my emails once a week (this is for my personal emails, all of my work emails stay on my work computer at work)

Email, Facebook, and Instagram are my top 3 attention stealing activities. I know that by limiting my use of these 3 things I will feel a bit more stable, energized, and connected to reality. If you are feeling like you spend too much time on a certain social media app or website, I encourage you to take a break! Try it out and see how you feel by not aimlessly scrolling and liking for a week, 2 weeks, or a month. The last time I deleted Instagram was about 2 years ago because it was making me feel super depressed. I deleted and deactivated my account for 6 months and I could not believe how refreshed I felt when I finally decided to return to the platform. Try being really present with how social media makes you feel, and if it doesn't align with making you feel awesome then maybe it's time to adjust something. 

I will be taking a break from writing this blog because I full on cannot manage to have one more thing on my plate this month. The month of August is busy, and I need to be mindful of where I focus my attention. This will allow me to be more present in the activities I am choosing to participate in this month. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list, take a moment to write down your priorities. Does your to-do list align with your priority list? My priorities this month include friends and family, finishing all my projects for my best friends wedding this month, continuing to learn and grow in my new job, getting an adequate amount of sleep, and packing and decluttering all my stuff before I move into a much smaller apartment. Anything else simply is not worth the time or energy and does not align with my priorities this month. 

Disconnecting to reconnect is not just about letting go of social media and screen time, it is about recognizing your limits. By disconnecting from technology for a while, I will be able to spend more time with friends and family which matters so much more to me than posting a photo to Instagram. I am really looking forward to this month of breathing space from the internet world. And with that, I leave you to have a wonderful rest of your summer! 

See you in September!
xx Cady