MAKE: Unleashing the Wild Woman

2018-05-17 10.20.40 1.jpg

Since taking the embroidery class at The Makehouse about a month ago, I have fallen in love with embroidery as an art form. The meditative process of colouring a piece of fabric with thread feeds my soul in such a deliciously satisfying way. There is something about embroidery that speaks to me. It is a form of expression that takes so much patience and focus. It is creative meditation. It is a skill that is passed from hand to hand through generations.

In my most recent embroidery project, I wanted to do something a little more illustrative. A friend of mine turned me onto the DMC embroidery thread website. DMC has oodles of free patterns available to download from their website. I found this wild woman pattern called In Bloom by Jess Wariorka on the DMC website, printed it out and traced it onto some scrap fabric that I had. The fabric I am using for my canvas is an old cotton tablecloth that I found at a second hand shop. 


I am a woman who rarely follows rules exactly as they should be, so of course I had to change up the pattern and put my own spin on it. In the original pattern the woman is an outline on the fabric, but I wanted to give her more body, more depth, and more colour. I have a ridiculous amount of embroidery thread that has been passed down to me from both my grandmothers and my mother so I was happy to search through my box to find the colours that I thought would best suit my Wild Woman.

2018-05-17 07.00.12 1.jpg

As I created my Wild Woman embroidery piece, she became an emblem of my own Wild Woman. In recent weeks I have been discovering more about my Wild Woman, who she is, and what she stands for. This embroidery project ended tying in perfectly with my own self discovery journey. My Wild Woman stands for self expression, for courage, and for freedom. This embroidery is myself, unleashing the Wild Woman and realizing her true beautiful worldly power. She is one with the Divine Mother, and she is no longer standing in her own way. 

With love always,