SLOW: Figuring Out This Thing Called Work-Life Balance


I've been a bit quiet on here lately. I thought it was time that I update you on what I have been doing the past couple of weeks. 

The concept of work-life balance has never come naturally to me. I am a person who will take on every task and new opportunity possible because I want to grow and learn and try new things. I also get bored quite easily by the same routine. When I am passionate enough about something, I will put in all of the energy I can muster to do the activity or task to the highest level possible. I will find myself in a go hard or go home mentality. It's not healthy. I am 24 and I can count a minimum of 7 separate times post childhood where I have collapsed on the floor with tears streaming down my face or called a close friend in the middle of a panic attack. I understand that I put my physical body and my emotional body through a lot of stress, often more stress than needed, but it is hard to break out of a habit that I have gotten myself into throughout my teenage and young adult life. I am trying to figure out how to be a little more gentle with myself. I am trying to keep everything that I want to achieve and all of my fears of failure and of missed opportunities in check. I have been a little quiet here lately, but that is because I have been taking extra shifts at work and I have been working on a few offline projects in regards to this blog. I plan to get back into a steady stream of writing within the next month. Plus I have a exciting collaboration that I will be announcing next week! 


Things I have been making:

2018-03-26 03.56.28 1.jpg

Cherry Blossom Top

I designed this top myself and finally finished it this past week. I am super happy with it and am working on a matching skirt. Once the matching set is finished I plan to take some photos with it before all the cherry blossoms disappear here in Victoria. 


Solid Beeswax Perfume

I am testing out the best methods for making your own beeswax perfume with natural beeswax pellets, jojoba oil, and essential oils! The coolest thing about this perfume is that there are no preservatives, it is solid at room temperature (which makes it great for travelling or keeping in your bag), and you can customize it with your own essential oils! I am working out the best and easiest method for you to make it in your kitchen. Super fun, quick, and easy project to do with friends at home. Post coming soon! 


I Sold My First Order :D

I am super excited about this. Over the past week I finished putting together my first order for a friend. I made 4 beeswax food wraps and 8 produce bags in a variety of sizes for her and her friend. It makes me so happy that I can share my creations with my community that I have decided to open up for business! If you or a friend would like some hand made produce bags or beeswax wrap send me an email or message me on Instagram. So far I have 5 new orders to work on and I am so so so excited. 


Things I have been trying:

Month of Spending Less

I am still completing my Month of Spending Less experiment. I have had a few setbacks, but in general I feel that it is going really well. I am happy that I am changing my habits around money (which is the real challenge here) and I am starting to view my relationship with money in a more positive mindset. More on this in the next few days when I post my end of the month wrap up for the Month of Spending Less. A focus on money will not be my main experiment next month, but I am planning to continue working on my money habits throughout the rest of the year. 

April's Experiment

April is the Month of Meditation! I have had an on-off relationship with meditation my whole life. I grew up in a home where meditation was encouraged, but I haven't yet been able to develop a solid relationship with it. So April is the Month of Mediation. This experiment starts April 1st so keep your eyes peeled for a post explaining how the month will be structured. 


Things I am doing to live a slower life:

I Started Therapy

This one is big for me. Two weeks ago I had my first session with a therapist. It was incredible and I cried a bucketful of tears. I have wanted to start therapy for the past few years but it was never quite right. Finally I have found my person to work with, and I am very excited to see how much I can grow with some extra support. It will be tough. I was pretty depressed for the first few days after my first session, but I know this means I am working through all the shit. My therapist is also very encouraging of my meditation month and they gave me a great app to explore. I am going to work with it through the month of April and will talk about in my mid month update for the Month of Meditation. 

I am Figuring Out Work-Life Balance

These past few weeks have been busy, but I don't feel stressed. This is incredible for me. Since December I have been working a lot on managing my stress, my ambitions, and my personal expectations. I haven't been this mellow since I was...12? Work-life balance may not come naturally to me at the moment, but that doesn't mean it won't ever come naturally to me. It's a process. And I want to bring more awareness around work-life balance into my life. Let's do this.

Wishing you a restful Easter Weekend <3
xx Cady