MAKE: Pink Gingham Top

Product photos taken by  @ericrankinshoots

Product photos taken by @ericrankinshoots

This top is made from pink gingham sweatshirt material that I found in my Granny's scrapbox. It is the softest and coziest material. I'm a big fan of wearing clothing that looks good but makes me feel like I'm wearing pyjamas. This top is exactly that. 

For this top I was inspired by a few different styles of sweatshirts with tied bell sleeves that I have seen around on social media. I decided one morning to sketch out a quick pattern and cut out some pattern pieces. Often I will visualize how I want something to look and then cut it out. I feel like I tend to create clothing in a rather unconventional way by seeing something or thinking about how it would look and making it right there and then. Last year I took a pattern making course through a local sewing shop which has been helpful for quickly sketching out designs and tracing out patterns on fabric. An easy trick for making my own clothes is that I will copy cut various pattern pieces from clothes that I own to make sure that they fit me. This is not always a fool proof method.

This top came with a few mishaps. I miscalculated the length of the arm hole where the sleeve attaches and had to add a small triangle of fabric to connect the armpit to the sleeve. When I look at it now I think it makes the top look a little more luxurious. As well my sewing machine decided to stop working halfway through working on this top. Eventually I fixed the problem (having a sewing machine is a great practice in patience) and it all came together. 

This top is the coziest thing to wear on these cold winter to spring days. It's perfect and I wear it almost everyday. Now I just need a name for it. Perhaps it's a Genevieve. Let me know your thoughts.

xx Cady