At The Makehouse: Pattern Making Essentials with Alexandra Morgan

Pattern Making Essentials is a 5-week course at The Makehouse taught by the very experienced Alexandra Morgan. Alexandra studied a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion Design at Ryerson University and has worked as a pattern maker, designer, technical designer, and fit technician since 1995, specializing in women’s wear.

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At The Makehouse: Join in the Make-A-Thon for Fashion Revolution Week

Before I started business school, I didn’t know much about fashion and sustainability. Throughout my degree I developed an interest in the fashion industry and the business behind it. I also developed a passion for sustainability and sustainable practices I began to realize that many production practices in the fashion industry are rather harmful to people and the planet.

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TRY: The Month of Spending Less

Welcome to my first experiment: The Month of Spending Less. 

For the month of March I will be embarking on a no spending experiment inspired by the book The Year of Less by Cait Flanders. 

In the book The Year of Less, Cait takes on a challenge to do a shopping ban for one year. During this year she takes inventory of her belongings, realizes what possessions mean to her, and discovers more about our psychological triggers and how consumption has a hold of us.

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