What is CADY MADE?

It’s a place where I share what I make: clothing, accessories, home goods, and beauty products. It’s also a place where I am exploring what it means to lead a more mindful and caring life toward other people and toward this beautiful planet we all share.

What you will find here:

  • Clothing, accessories, and home goods that I create from fabric I have had in my closet for about 8 years and am finally finding the time to use. Or that my mother or grandmother have had in their closets for longer. It's time to start using what we have. This doesn't mean that I don't ever buy new fabric, but throughout this journey I am going to try very hard to just use what I have first. 
  • Recipes and musings about the food I make and eat and why I choose to consume it the way I do.
  • Ideas and techniques for living a more purposeful and mindful life in this ever so fast and tech focused world. When I am using technology too often, or when I feel like I need to be in constant contact with everyone because technology makes it possible, I get depressed. It's time to make some space, and use technology in moderation. 
  • Discussions about the state of consumption in our society, and how to get out of the ever so dangerous consumption cycle. Retail therapy has been a close friend for far too long. I feel like I am finally starting to get a hold of it, but to break free I will need to push myself much harder. 
  • Things I am trying (experiments) to learn, grow, and make my life a little more meaningful.
  • Kindness, kindness, kindness. For yourself, others, and the planet.


I’m not sure how or when it started, but I have always been excruciatingly hard on myself, addicted to spending money, a lover of fashion and style (which didn’t help the spending money habit), and obsessed with learning new things.

I have struggled with the idea of needing to be perfect. Because of this and other traumas in my life I have also gone through crippling anxiety, numbing depression, retail therapy, binge eating and diet culture, and having an extreme fear of failure. I am far from perfect and it is something that I am continually reminding myself. But through these struggles, I have discovered what I am truly passionate about.

I am passionate about learning to slow down, to be mindful, and admitting that we do not need to prove that we must do all-the-things to feel worthy and successful in this world.

I am passionate about sustainability and caring for the future well-being of this planet. Whether or not we land on Mars, we only have one Earth.

I am passionate about learning new things for the sake of growth and fun, rather than the idea of trying to change myself because I am not good enough. I am enough as I am right now. It has taken years for me to be able to say that. But I also recognize that I am young, and I still have a lot of learning and growing and changing to do. Plus I get bored way too easily. 

I am passionate about creativity, about sharing and learning the skills of our parents and grandparents who bake, garden, sew, and woodwork. I am passionate about making sure these skills are passed on and not forgotten in this world of convenience and mindless consumption. 

This is a place to learn, a place to play, a place to try new things. This is a place that encourages you to get off the smart phone and enjoy being analogue for a little bit, to go outside, to talk to your grandmother and learn a new recipe or how to fix a seam. This is a place that encourages you to use what you have, to fix what you have, and to cherish what you have. While you join me for this journey, we will grow, we will change, and we will learn. It will be fun and it might be a bit difficult too, and that is A-okay my friend!

I recognize the irony of creating a digital space that encourages an analogue life, but I must meet the people where they are! So here’s to the life that you want to live, its time to make it happen. I hope you enjoy your experience with me here at CADY MADE.

xx Cady Brimacombe

Photo taken by  @ericrankinshoots   

Photo taken by @ericrankinshoots